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Band Members

  • Dave Johnson - Trumpet
  • Jean-Pierre Michelou - Trumpet
  • Bruce Martineau - Alternate Trumpet
  • Pete Mittelstadt - Alto Sax & Arranger
  • Bob Stack - Tenor Sax
  • Pat Chartrand - Alternate Sax
  • Barry Milligan - Baritone
  • Arlene German - Piano
  • Bob Kafka - Alternate Piano
  • Howard Shinedling - Bass
  • Todd Humphrey - Alternate Bass 
  • Chris Tune - Trombone
  • Don Gustafson - Alternate Trombone 
  • Arnie Rios - Drums & Vocal
  • Lauren Koval - Vocalist
  • Margo McRae - Alternate Vocalist
  • Karen Lew - Alternate Vocalist
  • Victorya Cole - Alternate Vocalist
  • Bill Lymperis - Guitar & Rock Vocalist

The DJ Band features professional vocalists tailored to the requirements of your individual event. DJ may substitute musicians in cases of illness or scheduling conflicts.

Lauren Koval has been performing in the Los Angeles area for over a year and has been featured in high caliber venues such as Lunaria Restaurant and Jazz Club, Martini Blues, The Madison, and The Sky Room. Remaining pure to the songwriter's intent and choosing to interpret each song with classic straightforwardness, she continues to bring class and elegance to each performance. She has previously performed with Royal Carribean Cruises and is currently appearing regularly on the HMS Queen Mary in Long Beach.

Lauren Koval

Keeping the tradition of live entertainment alive!